A downloadable game for Windows

For Sam this was an easy, relaxed assignment, or it should have been, protecting Dr. Beverly on a friendly Alien Planet. But easy and relaxed changed when Joe, the maintenance guy made a fatal mistake.

Follow the Research station's AI Guide to escape the planet alive.

Created for the 1 week GamePlusJam2 Game Jam.


Movement         WASD

Jump                   Space bar

Shoot                  Mouse 0

Zoom                   Mouse 1

Weapons             Wheel scroll or 1   2   3


Thank you to all the artists who gives us game developers free goodies to work with on the asset store.

Thank you to Kevin MacLeod for your wonderful music.

Thank you to all the people who helped me with advice and support.

Lastly thank you to you, the gamer, I hope you enjoy the game.   

Install instructions

Download, unzip file and play .exe file.


GROWL.rar 103 MB
GROWL v1.2.1.rar 107 MB

Development log


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Gave the game a try but ran into some minor UI issues that ended up having a much bigger impact, still a creepy and cute little adventure though!


Thank you, I am fixing that little UI bug just now, the video would have gone a totally different way, if you could have read Mission 3. But I enjoyed see you running around and shooting the wild life with your funny commentary.