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Story: An alien, called Gru is the only survivor on a space-cargo-ship. He has to find engineering parts to fix the ship’s engine, because this space-cargo-ship is about to explode into a million pieces in a certain time frame. On his way through the maze of a spinning spaceship he encounters dangerous escaped “aliens”, which are determined to make Gru their last meal on this doomed spaceship.

Mechanics: Collect door-key cards to open doors. Find hidden engineering parts to fix the space’s engine. Defeat enemy alien species through the use of your broom-stick. Use “Power Ups” to move faster and “Health Packs” to stay alive. All this in a certain time frame or otherwise be obliterated.

Winning Conditions: Collect all the engineering parts you need in time.

Lose Conditions: You lose when you die or run out of time.                

Install instructions

Download zip-file in chosen destination.

Unzip and play exe.file.


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